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Kimberly Joy the founder and CEO of Do All Things With Joy, LLC is committed to creating courses that teach you not only how to eat clean and abound with energy, but find clarity of mind and an unquenchable passion for life. I’m passionate about helping you find health and wellness so you can pursue passion and purpose. I want nothing more than for you to connect the dots of your life to bring about physical and internal transformation. As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I was trained to guide and mentor my clients. I want to empower you and provide support and suggestions as you set goals and make lasting changes that improve your health and wellness leading to a JOYFUL existence. As your Health Coach, I will listen carefully and we’ll navigate the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice together to explore what truly works for you. I encourage you to visit my website and get to know me better. My passion is helping you find your Joy!
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It's More Than Food It's a Way of Life

What They Have to Say...

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“Kimberly was able to help me work towards my goals by creating an open and safe environment to be vulnerable about where I am currently in life. She is relatable and very understanding about where I am in life and the goals I wish to accomplish. Kimberly has a way of communicating that turns the "light bulb" on to pursue my goals. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been my waistline (lol). When I started out with Kimberly, I wasn't comfortable or satisfied with how I looked. My so-called diets didn't work for me.”

Varnessa BailsVarnessa Bails

“Game changer! With my girls, Kimberly Joy Morgan, Amanda Stass, and Misty Gardner, I was able to find the foods that fuel my body in 21 days. It's not a diet, just a journey to clarify your mind, cleanse your body and prepare you to become the healthiest version of yourself... So excited to start (again)!”

Angela VanBergen WalterAngela VanBergen Walter

“Kimberly is an inspiration! Her knowledge and passion for health and wellness are beyond anything that I have ever experienced! I have been with Kim since day 1; her programs bring tremendous success, are extremely detail oriented and easy to follow! I have tried it all from the South Beach diet to going vegan, and nothing has brought life-changing results the way her programs have! She has shown me how too genuinely use food to fuel the body! Her programs not only teach you about food, but they also teach you about movement, connection, meaning, and purpose. I have learned that to honestly find the balance you have to take the bad stuff out and put the right things in. I have recommended her programs to several of my family members, friends, and clients, they whom all have had tremendous success as well! Joining her programs have given me the energy to enjoy life and to take on whatever life decides to hand me!”

Amanda StassAmanda Stass

“This woman is a miracle worker! I’ve been working with Kimberly Joy Morgan for 6 months. I was having issues losing weight and we all know 90% of weight loss is all about what you eat. Needless to say I’m about 15 pounds down and shooting to complete 10 more! If you’re looking to jump-start your weight loss I highly recommend Gut Check 21. This woman is a miracle worker! I’ve been working with Kimberly Joy Morgan for 6 months. I was having issues losing weight and we all know 90% of weight loss is all about what you eat. Needless to say I’m about 15 pounds down and shooting to complete 10 more! If you’re looking to jump-start your weight loss I highly recommend Gut Check 21.”

Amber SharpAmber Sharp

“Kimberly’s passion for nutrition is evident in the programs she creates. She has spent months researching the effects of food on the body out of necessity when doctors’ options were not working. She continued her formal education to become a certified health coach. Her nutrition programs are well thought out, easy to follow, organized and work! Kimberly definitely walks the walk and lives this program daily. She creates easy to follow programs that have been well navigated so participants know potential pitfalls and are given the tools to avoid them. Shopping lists, recipes, and menus are provided for success and can easily be incorporated to change your lifestyle beyond the program. My favorite part of the programs is the reasoning behind the suggestions. Kimberly sites articles and scientific reasoning behind the combinations of foods or timing of types of foods that help participants buy into the program. Besides the weight loss, the way I felt on the program was wonderful. I never felt hungry, ate quality food, learned new favorite recipes, and helped my family to learn to eat cleaner. Even if you don’t have weight to lose, expanding your knowledge of food can always be beneficial. I highly recommend her!”

Alyson Muenster-ZimmerAlyson Muenster-Zimmer

“...I’ve also been a witness to the beautiful unfolding of her 21-day Gut Check program. I’ve seen not only my knowledge but also my family’s knowledge of healthy choices flourish. It was just today, while shopping, that my daughter said: “Miss Kimberly should be on a big TV screen in target letting people know how to make healthier food choices.” Kids just “get it.” This program will not only change the way you view food, but it will also change the way your family sees it. Priceless…”

Deanna TeufelDeanna Teufel

“As of this morning, I am .2 lbs away from losing 23 lbs on this journey. What a great incentive to continue on in this journey… I am grateful for this program and more importantly, I'm grateful for Kimberly Joy Morgan. I am feeling good and have found a new way to look at food…there are so many foods and drinks that I have no desire of ever letting touch my lips and enter my mouth again. Thank you, ladies, for your posts as I got something from each one. Thank you, Kimberly, for the emails and videos that are flooded with valuable information and great recipes. I am enjoying trying new recipes and finding that eating clean can taste good too.”

Shenda ChisolmShenda Chisolm

“There are not enough powerful things to say about working with Kimberly as my personal coach. We started working together the four months leading up to my wedding. I had a serious goal of fitting into both my wedding and my reception dresses. In our time together not only did I lose several dress sizes to reach my goal, I also developed an arsenal of tools and resources to maintain my progress and healthier lifestyle. With Kimberly, I’ve learned the foods that agree with my body and now have recipes to reflect that. She never sugar-coated anything but at the same time always knew how to communicate with me in a genuine way that I understood and respected. Our time together also allowed me to participate in her outstanding “Gut Check 21” program. In addition to having access to the course sessions and materials, I was also able to become part of a larger community of like-minded women on a similar journey. Kimberly isn’t about calorie counting. Her coaching was truly a holistic approach to my entire life. Kimberly is a walking wealth of knowledge that truly cares about every person she works with.”

Janora McDuffie-RyanJanora McDuffie-Ryan

“The most obvious difference is I have lost weight. I am down just over 9 nine pounds as of this morning. I didn’t have much to lose, but now I am getting really ripped!!! The biggest difference for me is in my abs and belly. I don’t have bloat issues like I used to and when I eat I feel full but not uncomfortable. I also feel incredibly “tight” regularly –that is a good thing. My energy level is great!!! The first week was tough, especially at the gym. Part of that is because I also eliminated all of my pre and post-training supplements as well as protein bars and powders. I started adding back hemp protein in week two. I also noticed that I am not hungry as much in between meals and my mood is better. My digestive and elimination process is also different. My stomach doesn’t “growl” anymore and I am pooping less frequently, but with better quality. Another interesting thing is that I don’t seem to have cravings for foods as bad as thought I would. It has been a great process so far and I am very pleased with the results.”


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